The standard way would be to begin by saying: "My name is Such AndSuch...", but it would be a superflous repetition since my name is written just a tiny bit higher in all caps.

I obtained a Master of (Computer) Science degree after graduating from the University of Warsaw and I work as a webdeveloper. I take care of every aspect of webdevelopment (design, static code, the inner workings) and my extensive portfolio proves my experience in this domain.

Ever since my childhood I'm interested in programming. I prefer script languages.


Apart from the above

I have the following qualifications:

  • video editing – a week of practical work (video editing for an evening news program) supervised by a television crew. Apart from that I have also created several court metrage movies and one detailing a wedding reception;


Personal life

I'm a member of the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland (ZHR) and thus I work in a scrupulous, reliable and honest way.

One of my main interests is fantasy (mostly books but also RPGs) – especially of the funny variety – the writer whose works I admire most is the incredible Sir Terry Pratchett.

Should you want to know more: I like sailing (inland skipper certificate). Apart from the above I also enjoy writing prose (sometimes poetry) and cross-stitching. Both activities provide me with an opportunity for creative activity.
(maybe in the future I will publish on this site a few samples of my creations)

Since 2009 I am also the administrator and proofreader of the monthly web-journal Wywiadowca belonging to the Boy-Scouts of the Region of Łódź. Sometimes I also publish my works there.


  • All inclusive, from project to hosting
  • Company webpages, shops, databases, applications
  • Years of experience
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Filmmaking
  • Editing, montage of videoclips



Graphic studio SG Infinity

Law consulting

Lawyer's Office Sieczkowski & Zalcman

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